Sunday, December 20, 2009

The two COOLEST bars in Cheongju city!

Road King and MJ - if you're looking for a good time in Cheongju, these two names are all you need to know

Road King and MJ are in the hearts of each and every foreigner living in Cheongju, who are mostly adventurous English teachers. Of course there should be a few exceptions, since I don't know each and every foreigner living there, but still, if you get to go to both or either one of them a few times, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Before moving to Jinju, I lived in Cheongju for a whole year and these two wonderful Korean-owned foreign bars became my "everybody-knows-your-name" hangouts and the owners obviously became good friends of mine. Always thoughtful and kind to all their customers, Seung Woo (Road King) and Wonjae (MJ) are the coolest bar owners you'll ever meet in this country. They sure know how to get the fun started. 

Something really cool about these bars' location: Road King and MJ are actually located right next to each other, in the Chungbuk University area! So, you can pretty much jump back and forth as much as you like - it's great fun. I love these bars so much that at least once a month I try to take the 3-hour bus ride all the way there just to hang out with my Cheongju friends at the two coolest bars in the city and definitely two of the very coolest in Korea!

Now, check out these cool photos I took at two very busy nights at the bars:

-- MJ also threw a kick-ass halloween party, as always, but it was the night before this one, when I unfortunately couldn't come :(
                  The Road 'King': Seung Woo :)

Now, here's a video I made for you to see how this party rocked!

- Road King's owner Seung Woo is on Facebook: Road King




These are The Radio Grifters, from Texas! Check them out:

    MJ's awesome owner: Wonjae

- MJ Bar's Facebook group: MJ Bar
- MJ's owner Wonjae is also on Facebook: Cobra Lee 

LATEST: American singer SHAY BAILIFF freaking played at my b-day party at MJ Bar this year!
Here's a video I made of Shay playing The Galway Girl at my party - Dec 5, 2009:

Party shots:

                    Shay Bailiff, everyone!

Me and Shay :) Yay

              Friend Liz dancing to Shay's sound


PS. This was Shay's first performance in Cheongju city - but definitely not his last!
-- Shay lives in Seoul.