Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Korea has made him a star. In America, it won't be different.

*The first post of the year will be musical!*

Remember Shay? No? Hmm, so let me quickly refresh your 'blog' memory: Oct 16, 2009, Oct 24, 2009 and Dec 20, 2009.

This young American musician who made history while in Korea during the years 2009 and 2010, appearing on Korean TV shows like the hugely popular Star King and also on a bunch of Korean news shows as well as on radio, has been making his way to the top at home. Shay's professional YouTube videos, a hardworking team and a good manager have been quite a perfect recipe for this young man's current success.

More powerful, mature and as talented and creative as ever, Shay, who turns 24 in July, seems to be more than ready to take over the competitive American pop rock scene by storm, town by town, crowd by crowd.

Shay's latest music video, which he posted on Facebook early today, is a must-see. In the video, Shay and his band Shayliff have turned Kings of Leon's "Pyro" into a beautiful and unique acoustic version of the original sound. So, if you missed out on Shay's appearances while he was in Korea, here's a perfect chance to learn about what he's done and the even bigger star this fearless musician has become.

Meet my buddy and musical idol Shay Bailiff, performing with his band Shayliff:

In late 2009, Shay rocked it solo at my birthday party in Cheongju City, near Seoul. -- I first saw Shay in a random featured video on YouTube early that year. He was singing in perfect Korean in the video and I couldn't get it out of my head until I finally ran to see him live at Rolling Hall in Seoul just a couple of months later. We have been friends since then.

- Check out Shay's YouTube channel: Shayliff7 There you can also see all of his Korean work.

**Here are some cool shots taken at my birthday party in Cheongju, Korea on Dec. 5, 2009:  :)

Shay, rockin' it solo at my super birthday party.
Me and Shay - Yep, at *my* party :)