Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Exhibition brings the rainforest to Seoul

The internationally famous exhibition Amazônia in Seoul, supported by Petrobras (Brazil's oil company) and the Brazilian Government, has been giving a tropical feeling to Seoul's coldest season since the 12th of last month -- ending this upcoming Friday the 12th.

Amazônia in Seoul is exotic, just like the country where it comes from. The exhibition includes not only photographs of and videos on the rainforest that has the largest concentration of biodiversity in the world, but also a fascinating display of some unique Amazonian handicrafts and tribal costumes as well as another one of mostly vibrant colored seeds found in the rainforest -- lots and lots of seeds.

To be able to see Koreans having this kind of intimate contact with what to them is so strange and different -- that it's almost as if it all had landed in Seoul from another planet -- gives me enormous pleasure as a Brazilian living in Korea.

                         Display of Amazonian handicrafts.


Korean Im Sue-Yeon, an English Education major at Sogang University's Graduate School, was amazed by the exhibition. "What a unique experience! I never saw anything like this and didn't know much about the Amazon before coming here", she shared. "Oh, I like touching these seeds - they feel funny", she added with a shy laugh.

Red Tento seeds: Largely used for making handmade jewellery.


Açaí seeds: Some of Brazil's most popular seeds.

Now, check out these other shots I managed to take at the exhibition:

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