Saturday, October 24, 2009

Seoul rocks underground

Korean pop (or K-pop) is great. Fun, creative and hugely entertaining with all the boy and girl bands' synchronized dancing. But (if you live here) there's a chance you might feel like you've been getting a little too much of it, am I right? Well, in Seoul, you can always 'run underground', because that's where Rolling Hall will be rocking, literally!

Advertising poster for Rolling Hall's special night tomorrow, Oct. 25th!

You're in Korea (anywhere here, seriously), you take a taxi, K-pop playing on the radio -- and it might not even be radio, but a cassette tape (a new one -- which I actually think is awesome)  :) --, you walk into a grocery store, a department store, a mall, a convenience store, a bar (Korean bar), a restaurant, a fast-food restaurant, a coffee shop, a beauty salon, etc etc and YES, there will be K-pop playing all over the place, most likely, yes. And yeah you will be hearing the same songs everywhere you go.

Being bombarded with K-pop is, pretty much, part of every foreigner's daily life in Korea, but as my ex-boyfriend (a British English teacher who's been here for almost 3 years) used to say, "from listening to it so much, you end up loving it" :). But if you're getting a bit sick of it and is craving some interesting 'rocky' change, get your kicks underground Seoul, at the Rolling Hall! -- Just a block away from Sangsu subway station's exit 1, right by a Family Mart, but underground -- It is THE place to go. You'll be amazed at how much high caliber rock will come out of fully Korean bands in that place!

The performing place opened in 1995 and I truly believe it's changed Seoul's nightlife forever...

A non-bar place, with just a stage, colored lights all over, lots of lined-up chairs, beautiful people and outstanding music, the Rolling Hall has become famous for various rock bands' showcases, first-rate weekly shows and monthly festivals, such as the recent Korea-Japan Rock Festival that took place just last August and featured the Japanese bands Kaneko and Zin-Sil.

Check out these cool photos I took of two Korean duos and a band on October 8th. -- That night also featured the remarkable American singer Shay Bailiff and his kick-ass Korean band (see previous post).
-- A simply awesome night. :)

Now, watch this video of American singer Shay Bailiff (see previous post) and his Korean band doing an exciting cover of The Calling's "Wherever you will go" for his Rolling Hall crowd's delight. :)  -- Video posted on YouTube January this year.
- His band is called Shay Band (셰이밴드).

You really gotta go there and feel that vibe! Koreans play awesome rock, you'll be impressed. And Shay is on his way to becoming a Korean legend.

PS. I've been in Korea for over a year and just found out about this place a few weeks ago. I had an awesome time there on the 8th and strongly recommend that you go and check it out the minute you have the chance to. Good time guaranteed. ;)

Rolling Hall hot info:
Tel. 82 (0)2 325 6071 (Seoul) 
Ticket prices range from 10,000 won to 30,000 won, weekly.

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